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Freedomtech Solutions Values the Cost Efficiency, Speed & Flexibility That Comes With IP Leasing


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IP address leasing: A cost-effective solution that allows a high degree of flexibility

The global IPv4 address exhaustion affects companies in every industry. While some decide to purchase the resources they need, others explore the myriad of benefits of IP leasing. For Freedomtech, IP leasing has proven to be the best solution. 

Buying IP ranges is cost prohibitive for our business model. Leasing, on the other hand, is a far more cost-effective solution that allows us more flexibility and scalability. We have the capability to deploy sites within rapid timescales.
Indy Kambo
COO, Freedomtech

As a company that continues to expand and serve more and more customers globally, Freedomtech requires access to clean IP addresses ready to lease. To date, the company has successfully secured over 60,000 IP addresses, which has ensured the freedom to deliver high-quality services to its customers worldwide. 

The rich availability of subnets at the IPXO Marketplace gives Freedomtech the flexibility to lease exactly what its customers need, which further empowers the company to deliver the highest level of services personalized according to every individual client’s needs. 

Quick service turnaround time and productive communication – keys to business success 

One of the most important requirements for Freedomtech is quick turnaround time. IPXO has successfully fulfilled this demand, and the company can procure and announce subnets within minutes. This guarantees that Freedomtech can successfully satisfy the needs of its customers and, simultaneously, grow its business worldwide. 

Managing the procurement and announcement of subnets with IPXO is not only quick but also easy. The fully automated IPXO Marketplace platform ensures that Freedomtech can lease and manage subnets on a highly comprehensive and granular level. Besides quick and easy IP lease, Freedomtech values professional AUP and IP address management as well as geolocation services that enable the company to access accurate location data and use it to optimize end-users’ experiences. 

For Freedomtech, account management and helpdesk support are the highlights of the IPXO services package. “IPXO account management is exceptional in delivering services. Great communication between organizations facilitates a greatly valued partnership.” 

Top benefits for Freedomtech 

  • Rich variety of subnets 
  • Instant provisioning  
  • IP address management  
  • Flexible IP lease conditions 
  • Geolocation services 
  • Professional account management 
  • Full technical management 
  • 24/7 helpdesk 

About Freedomtech 

Freedomtech is a UK-based system integrator that delivers global solutions and services to clients in 25 locations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company is powered by the belief that innovation can guide businesses through digital transformation in different areas, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud, infrastructure and internet technologies. 

Freedomtech trusts that technology is at the core of every successful organization, and the company knows how to maintain and improve technology to serve both internal teams and external customers. From integrating AI into customer service desks to setting up cloud and dedicated server environments, Freedomtech is ready to take any organization to the next level.