IP Leasing: A Budget-Friendly Solution for Any Business

As the IPv4 buying price continues to increase every year, IP leasing provides an answer for companies that want to grow and save money at the same time.

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Automated IP leasing vs. manual provisioning

It takes mere seconds to automatically lease IP addresses error-free at low prices. On the other hand, provisioning IP resources manually takes a long time, and the management burden is fully on your own shoulders.

Manual provisioning
45 min
Automated leasing via IPXO
3 sec
Automated ​ IP Management​Cross markCheck mark
Manual sheet ​management ​Check markCross mark
Error-freeCross markCheck mark
Monthly ​ procurement process​Check markCross mark
Ability to find many IP addresses at once ​Cross markCheck mark
Ability to find very ​low number of IP addresses ​Cross markCheck mark
Low prices for ​ small subnet prices ​Cross markCheck mark

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