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Lease the IPv4 resources you need to scale your business and grow.

Compare leasing IPv4 vs buying IPv4

IPv4 resources are scarce but in high demand. As a result, IPv4 sale prices are skyrocketing. Buying lots of IP addresses at once may cost a small fortune because that requires a big investment upfront. Leasing IPv4 addresses, on the other hand, requires low upfront costs and can help you save money that you could redirect to other areas of your business. Let’s compare leasing vs. buying IP addresses.

IP VarietyCross markCheck mark
Scalability Cross markCheck mark
Simple resource managementCross markCheck mark
High upfront costsLow monthly payments

Leasing vs Buying Calculator

Use this calculator to compare the upfront costs you need to dedicate to leasing vs buying IP addresses.
Check out the IPXO subnet cheat sheet to convert the number of IPs you need to the IP subnet mask.

Amount of IPs / Subnets

/24 /23 /22 /21 /20 /19 /18 /17 /16 /15 /14 /13 /12 /11 /10 /9 /8 /7 /6 /5 /4 /3 /2 /1 /0
Subnet IP

Buying price

(Upfront payment)


Leasing price



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    Example of revenue models

    Buy IPs

    $3,604,480 (upfront)

    /16 (65,536 IPv4) x $55* per IP

    Revenue chart

    Lease IPs

    $32,768 (monthly)

    /16 (65,536 IPv4) x $0.5* annually

    *Buy and lease rates for December 2021

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    Scale your business with clean IPv4 addresses without complicated setup steps or requirements.

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