LIR Services Developed for You

IPXO’s managed LIR services cover all five Regional Internet Registries. Upload, monetize & lease IP addresses without a dedicated LIR account hassle-free.

all five regional internet registries

Managed LIR services in all RIRs

Easy IP management across all RIRs made possible by professional LIR services.

Managed LIR

Managed LIR

IPXO’s managed LIR services help with IP asset announcement, management and routing services without an official LIR membership. Enjoy quick & easy IP address management, monetization and leasing across all five RIRs. Our team keeps up with the constantly changing policies to ensure a stress-free experience.

IPv4 & IPv6 Resources

IPv4 & IPv6 resources

IPv6 coming soon!

The IPXO marketplace is a unique IP address lease & monetization platform, supporting unused IPv4 and IPv6 resources. IPXO can manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are allocated in your LIR account with full automation. We support all RIRs and have a great understanding and knowledge of their policies.

BGP RPKI Routing

BGP management

Coming soon!

IPXO’s BGP management allows relocating your IP address space throughout our network to scale your business. Strict RPKI verification standards are integrated into our BGP management policies. With RPKI implementation, IPXO eliminates human error to ensure safe and efficient BGP routing.

IPXO is a member of

Benefits of IPXO LIR services

Allocate AS numbers and IPv6 addresses across all RIRs without an LIR membership.

AS Number Allocation

AS number allocation

IPXO is a proud member of RIPE NCC with an LIR status. The clients of our dedicated LIR services do not need to apply for a Local Internet Registry membership. IPXO takes the responsibility of allocating ASNs while complying with the strict RIPE NCC policies to ensure transparent, efficient and swift services.

IPv6 Allocation

IPv6 allocation

Coming soon!

You do not need the status of an LIR to allocate IPv6 addresses. IPXO’s LIR services connect you to experts who can manage your resources in the most efficient way. Becoming an LIR can be a costly and time-consuming process, but you do not need to worry about that with our dedicated LIR services.

RIR unification

RIR unification

Regional Internet Registries follow individual policies, all of which are strict and must be followed diligently. IPXO is a member of all five RIRs, and we work with the ever-changing policies and rules in place. Intelligent automation and a global pool of IP addresses help us navigate the RIR world efficiently.