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About Equinix Metal

Based in Redwood City, California, Equinix Metal is an automated, interconnected, low-latency bare metal-as-a-service that is available in global locations across Platform Equinix. The company places digital businesses at the center of customers, suppliers and partners with whom they want to connect quicker.  

  • Equinix Metal provides an API-driven, click-and-go ticket to the edge of the internet 
  • The solution ensures access to clouds, enterprises, partners and users for its clients 
  • Equinix’s innovative platform guarantees connectivity, sustainability and support 

The partnership between IPXO and Equinix Metal benefits digital infrastructure clients by providing a deeper level of understanding of the infrastructure market. 

As customers scale, we often encourage them to invest in their own IP space as a flexible tool in their hybrid multicloud toolbox. As an established provider, IPXO brings a combination of trust, choice and technology that helps make a normally confusing process more seamless.
Jacob Smith
Bare Metal Marketing & Strategy, Equinix

IPXO and Equinix Metal: More than a partnership

  • Together, we deliver frictionless experience for customers in need of infrastructure and IP address management services 
  • We help customers take the next step towards deeper understanding of the infrastructure market 
  • We enable our customers to scale their business through a global server network and IPv4 resources from any RIR 
  • We share the most intrinsic core values – sustainability and personalized support 

Partner Documentation 

Follow the link to get to know Equinix Metal. From server types and locations to deployment options.