About Full Span Solutions

Full Span Solutionsr is a connectivity and telecommunications services broker based in Philadelphia, PA. The company brings years of experience in both enterprise and carrier services. Combining experience with strong technical expertise, Full Span Solutions guarantees technical excellence unmatched by other brokers.  

Full Span Solutions is carrier neutral and garners relationships with nearly every major and regional service provider both locally, in North America, and globally. There is no connectivity or telecommunications need out of reach for Full Span Solutions.  

Whether you are interested in Dedicated Internet Access, SD-WAN, Wavelength Services, IP Transit / Peering, Dark Fiber, Business Broadband and SIP trunking or colocation leasing, Full Span Solutions can offer a solution that meets your needs. 

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With IPXO, we can go above and beyond simply designing and selling connectivity and colocation space but, ultimately, deliver full network solutions.
Adam Schaeffer
President, Full Span Solutions

IPXO and Full Span Solutions: Striving for excellence with a client-focused mindset 

  • Together, we share extensive experience working with clients who need additional IP address allocations 
  • We are adamant about building global relationships based on open communication practices to provide the most well-rounded solutions  
  • Our common goal is to deliver professional services for every client and assist them on their growth journey 
  • Our shared focus on technical excellence is the driving force that helps deliver services unmatched by other players in the industry