About IPTrading 

IPTrading is a trusted and experienced IPv4 broker with a rich 35-year history as a technical consulting and asset brokerage firm. Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, IPTrading is active in internet policy development and has created policies in ARIN and other regions that have facilitated the robust growth of the IPv4 transfer market.  

IPTrading uses all available avenues to help its clients monetize their IPv4 space, including the emerging IPv4 lease market. The company’s customer base spans the globe, and it has helped buyers and sellers of the IPv4 space in over 80 countries. 

IPTrading’s long technical history as both a consulting firm and an ISP gives it the experience required to understand the players in today’s IPv4 markets. 

Connecting the people that connect the world
IPTrading and IPXO are second to none in their combined experience and expertise in brokering IPv4 sales, purchases and leases for their clients around the globe.
Tom Fantacone
Vice President, IPTrading

As an active IPv4 broker, IPTrading helps transfer the unused IPv4 space into the hands of those who need it. IPTrading’s partnership with IPXO allows the company to expand this service by providing a more flexible way for IPv4 address holders to monetize their space and for those looking to expand their IPv4 space to acquire the resource. 

IPXO and IPTrading: Bringing IP holders and companies in need of IPs together 

  • We provide professional services that support the sustainable use of IPv4 resources 
  • We connect the world by connecting IP holders that hold unused resources with companies that require IPs to scale their operations and sustain growth 
  • We guide both IP sellers and buyers as well as IP lessors and lessees to make optimal decisions in the IPv4 market 
  • Our teams have decades of experience in the IPv4 market, and transparency is at the core of our businesses