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About Path Network 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Path Network is a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry and a global network operator that protects other networks and companies against DDoS attacks and potential cybersecurity threats. 

Path Network developed a proprietary and patented DDoS filtering technology providing customers with stateful DDoS mitigation based on XDP technology for packet filtering, which is the fastest way to detect and manage unwanted traffic in the network.  

Besides DDoS mitigation features included with most vendors for L3-L4 volumetric DDoS attacks and L7 WAF, Path Network also provides over 30 custom-built DDoS filters for the most exposed and hard-to-protect applications, which can easily be applied per /32 subnet directly from a customer portal. The technology stack further enables the company’s engineering team to effortlessly create new filters adapted for customer application. 

Path Network operates one of the biggest internet networks in the world with over 12Tbps of capacity deployed across 22 major Internet hubs from Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The global coverage empowers the company to mitigate compliance processes involved in offshore traffic routing and also offers customers a truly consistent service and industry-leading time-to-mitigation. 

Path Network customers can employ IP resources provided by IPXO across their network to help scale their businesses with optimized latency, performance and security. Simultaneously, IPXO clients can easily integrate Path DDoS mitigation to secure their IP space. 

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In a period where IPv4 resources have become an expensive commodity, and any minor security breach can put a company out of business, Path Network and IPXO’s combined services allow customers to deploy and protect their IP space all over the world with a minimum impact on their network resources and security budgets, and this is of utmost importance in any business scaling process.
Virgil Truica
Director of Sales and Channel Management, EMEA, Path Network

IPXO and Path Network:  

  • We share a common passion for new technology platforms that make our customers’ lives easier on their journeys to business success 
  • Together, we have a common goal to provide services globally and ensure internet accessibility and security regardless of the industry 
  • Path Network customers can use the IP resources provided by IPXO across their network to help them scale their business, and IPXO customers can easily integrate Path DDoS mitigation to secure their IP space 

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