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14 September 2023   •   IPv4 for Business

Opinion: AWS Sets the ROI Benchmark for IP Addresses

Explore the significance of Amazon Web Service's new IPv4 pricing model - a paradigm shift in IP address leasing rates.

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A shopping basket with IPv4 written on its side.

Buying IPv4 Addresses: Is It the Best Option for Growing Companies?

Have you faced IPv4 exhaustion? Do you believe you must buy IPv4 address space? Discover why you should consider IP lease as the alternative.

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Laptop screen with IPv4 in the middle.
2 August 2022   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

IPv4 Packet Header: Format and Structure

When you think about it, the IPv4 packet format is truly fascinating. Learn about the elements at play with this comprehensive guide.

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A globe representing the internet and letters IPv6 in front of it.
28 July 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: New Efforts to Speed up the IPv6 Adoption Rate

As the IPv6 adoption rate has been climbing painfully slowly, governments around the world are trying to introduce their own efforts and legislations in the hopes of speeding up…

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An IP broker next to a Terms of Service agreement, a lock and a key.
26 July 2022   •   IP Monetization, IPv4 for Business

The Role of IPv4 Broker in the IP Address Market Explained

What is an IP address broker? What is their role in selling and buying IPs? How can you acquire IP resources quicker and cheaper without IP brokers? Continue reading…

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IPv5 as a missing puzzle piece.
21 July 2022   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

First Came IPv4, Then IPv6. What Happened to IPv5? 

IPv4 and IPv6 are the only two versions of the Internet Protocol in use. Discover what happened to IPv5 and whether or not the current versions of the Internet…

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A laptop with an envelope on the screen representing email.
19 July 2022   •   Network Engineering

Email Service Provider: What You Should Know About ESPs in 2022

Discover the differences between email service providers and webmail clients. Learn the importance of ESPs for successful email marketing campaigns.

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A laptop with a lock on the screen indicating a cybersecurity company.
14 July 2022   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 for Business

Benefits of IP Leasing for the Cybersecurity Industry 

Cybersecurity companies rely on IPv4 resources. Why should they consider leasing IPs and why is leasing a highly beneficial solution? Find your answers in this post.

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Two computers exchanging files with FTP sign above them.
12 July 2022   •   Network Engineering, Networking Protocols

File Transfer Protocol Explained

What does FTP stand for? What is the importance of this protocol? How does it work? Read this post to learn all about the File Transfer Protocol.

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The 6th RIR Podcast launch announcement.
7 July 2022   •   Original Insights

Introducing: The 6th RIR Podcast by IPXO 

IPXO is excited to announce the launch of The 6th RIR Podcast! Learn what we've got in store with this new voice in town!

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Two servers and a laptop behind a secure firewall.
5 July 2022   •   IP Security, Network Engineering

What Is a Firewall? A Guide to Cybersecurity

Learn all about firewalls, how they function, how they are configured and what different types of firewalls exist with this comprehensive guide.

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Three people participate in an IPXO webinar on RPKI security.
30 June 2022   •   IP Security, Original Insights

IPXO Webinar: RPKI – Security, Benefits and Adoption 

What is RPKI? What problems does it solve, and why is it important? These were the topics discussed in last week’s IPXO webinar. Scroll down to find the full…

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Telco tower with internet-connected devices around it.
28 June 2022   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 for Business

IP Leasing: How IPv4 Leasing Benefits Telcos 

Telecommunication companies need IPv4 addresses to operate their services. Discover why telcos choose IP leasing as a way of obtaining resources.

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