Date: October 20, 2022 Location: Hollywood, CA


ARIN 50 event poster.

ARIN 50 is a bi-annual community conference organized by the American Registry for Internet Numbers. The event is full of interesting sessions, opportunities to network with peers in the industry, educational presentations, discussions of important number resource policy issues, and more. 

The ARIN 50 conference is going to explore the latest developments within the ARIN community and deep dive into the Regional Internet Registry’s policies.  

Get up to speed with ARIN’s approach to Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) as explained by the RIR’s President and CEO John Curran in a recent webinar hosted by IPXO. 

IPXO, an active member of the ARIN community, is joining the event to share the latest insights into the global trends of the IP leasing market. Register below to meet us at the conference! 

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