IP Address Management

With IPXO, your IP assets are entirely in your hands.

Management of IP addressing at IPXO
Large Option Availability

Manage IPs from all RIRs

Manage IP assets from AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE NCC using one single platform. IPXO’s IP address marketplace is completely unique and can offer you the most versatile, innovative and convenient IP lease and monetization services in the world. We can help you build your business anywhere.

Delegated RPKI

Automated RPKI

Ensure secure BGP routing sessions with automated RPKI. We integrate RPKI to validate routing sessions and guarantee protection against such common threats as route leaks & route hijacking. You can automatically issue LOAs & ROAs without needing to deal with RIR requirements or sign up for RPKI.


Provision to any infrastructure

Assign your IP addresses to any infrastructure without restrictions, whether it’s IPXO or external infrastructure. You are in full control, and you choose how to handle your assets. Our platform ensures seamless provisioning and a complete infrastructure stack designed to help your business skyrocket.