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Designed to provide clear, comprehensive insights, thereby promoting transparency in internet operations and resource management. By simply entering an IP address, a subnet, or an AS number, you can instantly access essential data, including RPKI, BGP routing details, geolocation, and WHOIS records.

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The Rising Value of IP Addresses as a Global Commodity

The internet as we know it today is built on the backbone of IP addresses. These critical digital assets act as identifiers that enable connectivity and communication across networks worldwide. However, with the IPv4 address space nearing exhaustion, leading to scarcity, IP addresses have transformed from being purely technical resources to becoming valuable financial commodities.

Our recent analysis by the Data Analytics Team of historical IP address pricing data has revealed intriguing correlations between trends in IP address valuation and broader economic indicators like the S&P 500 or FTSE 100 indices. Although the specific metrics and data points remain confidential, the overarching patterns that emerge offer insightful perspectives on the global value and commodity status of IP addresses.

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