14 April 2022 | 2 min read | Edvinas Račkauskas

IPXO Introduces Statistics: A Transparent View of the IPXO Marketplace

The new Statistics hub at IPXO provides a looking glass into the IP lease market and a transparent view of the IPXO Marketplace. 

IPXO Statistics offers great insights into the IPv3 lease market.

Information is power, and, at IPXO, we believe that information should be accessible and easy to understand and analyze. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our platform – the IPXO Statistics page. 

This overview of the IPXO Marketplace offers great insights into the IP lease market and helps our clients better understand the shifts and growth within the Marketplace. The IPXO Statistics hub is the industry’s only source for such information and is instrumental for both existing clients and those new to IPv4 leasing.  

IPXO Statistics

The IPXO Statistics page greets with a Summary that provides a quick glance at how the Marketplace has grown throughout the past month. This section reveals the number of new IP lessors who have joined the platform, the number of new leases for the month, the average IPv4 deal price and also the current utilization rate.  

The Summary precedes a more comprehensive view of the IPv4 market at IPXO. The size of the IPXO Marketplace section reveals the number of all IPv4 addresses on the platform. It also shows the number of leased addresses. It is possible to filter the data by year and chosen timeframe.  

The Lease rate section provides a closeup at the utilization rate of all IPv4 addresses on the IPXO Marketplace. It is possible to filter the data by year and chosen timeframe as well.  

To get a better view of average IPv4 deal prices, we can look at the IP price graph. This section provides a fantastic update on the latest IPv4 lease prices globally. The data can be filtered by year, timeframe, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) and subnet mask.  

Top 5 IP lessor countries and Top 5 IP lessee countries represent the lists of the most prominent countries on the IPXO Marketplace. The information is expressed in percentages to indicate which countries monetize and lease IPv4 addresses most actively. 

Chart representing top 5 IP lessor countries in IPXO Marketplace.
Top 5 IP lessor countries at the IPXO Marketplace

We analyze the data – you make informed decisions

The IPXO Marketplace is open to companies interested in monetizing unutilized IPv4 resources. As well as companies interested in leasing these resources to scale their operations.  

We hope that the IPXO Statistics hub will help our clients better envision the growth of the platform and its reach across the globe. At IPXO, we value transparency and believe that it is the key to building strong relationships and partnerships; therefore, we have made our statistical data public to all.  

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