My Waiting List: IPXO Enables Lessees to Find IPs That Are Not on the Marketplace 

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4 May 2022
Edvinas Račkauskas

Learn how to use the new My Waiting List feature to request subnets that are not yet available on the IPXO Marketplace.

Clock and waiting list representing new IPXO Waiting List feature.

IPXO continues to introduce new features and services to provide the best experience for all clients. With the latest Changelog update (May 2022) from the Product Development team comes a new feature – My Waiting List.  

This feature enables IP lessees to request the subnets that currently do not exist on the IPXO Marketplace and browse active requests.  

IPXO Sales team assists in finding subnets

Whether you have just joined the IPXO platform, or you have already successfully leased subnets, it is possible that you might not find precisely what you need to grow your business.  

With this in mind, the IPXO Product Development team searched for a solution that could offer a very straightforward plan of action. We are proud to introduce My Waiting List as that solution. 

From now on, if a subnet based on your search specifications does not exist on the IPXO Marketplace, you have the option to submit a Subnet request form. You can specify the preferred subnet mask size, RIR (Regional Internet Registry), country, billing cycle, commitment time and the maximum lease price per IP address

Subnet request form with fields that need to be filled.
Subnet request form

As soon as your request is submitted, the IPXO Sales team is notified. Immediately, we start looking for a subnet that meets your requirements. Our team of professionals pledges to do its best to fulfill your request. 

To review all active subnet requests, you can go to the My Waiting List menu.  

My Waiting List menu on the IPXO Portal.
Active requests in My Waiting List

The IPXO Marketplace is expanding!

Although IPXO is a relatively new platform, we already know that our clients represent many different industries and come with many different needs. We welcome the diversity and the challenges that come with that. 

Whether you need IPv4 addresses from AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC or RIPE NCC, we can offer IPs from all five RIRs. Of course, as the Marketplace grows, the utilization rate of available subnets grows too. That said, we are ready to face the task of finding specific subnets for specific clients. 

As new IP holders are joining us monthly, the pool of IPv4 resources offered at the IPXO Marketplace expands as well. Our goal is to offer subnets for everyone. 

So, if you cannot find the subnet you need just yet – don’t worry. We are ready to help you! Please submit the Subnet request form at, and our team will try to assist you as soon as possible.  

If you have any other questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact us via the IPXO Help Desk.  

About the author

Edvinas Račkauskas

Business Analyst

Edvinas is a Business Analyst at IPXO. Besides providing his insights into the IPv4 market, Edvinas specializes in internet governance, specifically Regional Internet Registries’ policies and regulations. During his free time, Edvinas enjoys exploring new places and travelling to exotic lands.
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