IPXO Platform Walkthrough

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15 June 2022
Edvinas Račkauskas

Discover how to start using the IPXO platform whether you are an IP lessor or IP lessee with this comprehensive walkthrough.

Laptop with IPXO Portal on the screen.

Are you looking to acquire Internet Protocol addresses for your business? Perhaps you have unused resources you wish to monetize? The IPXO platform facilitates IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) leasing, which allows companies that do not have IPs to scale and IP holders with a surplus of resources to unlock new revenue streams. This IPXO platform walkthrough briefly explains how to register and start using our services. 

But before you sign up, you may wonder what benefits our platform can bring to your company. Continue reading to learn why you should consider joining the IPXO platform. 

Why should you join IPXO?

Due to the ever-expanding networks and the rising number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the limited pool of 4.29 billion IPv4 addresses has been depleted since its introduction in 1981. Unfortunately, the slow adoption of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) did not solve the IPv4 exhaustion problem. Can we alleviate this problem ourselves and contribute to a more sustainable internet? We believe we can. 

IPXO – a unique and innovative lease market player – offers an opportunity to quickly and cost-efficiently acquire valuable assets for growing businesses. Simultaneously, IPXO can benefit companies that want to monetize unused resources. Can IPXO help your specific business? We have already successfully assisted companies in over 75 industries, including cybersecurity, IoT, hosting, telecommunication and others. 

Companies small and large interested in scaling their operations and networks can lease IPv4 addresses without paying a lot of money upfront. Simultaneously, they can use their savings for other vital investments. Furthermore, companies can lease IP addresses without making long-term commitments and also terminate services once they no longer need IP addresses. 

Why should companies monetize unused IPv4 addresses via IPXO? The ultimate benefit is the new stream of income that may significantly contribute to the company’s growth. Also, large companies that own large pools of unused IPv4 addresses can contribute to the creation of a more sustainable internet and help other companies expand their businesses. 

How to start using the IPXO platform

If you want to join the IPXO platform, you must register first. Start by entering your Email Address and agreeing with the IPXO Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then, click Get Started

Note: You can also register using your Google account.

IPXO Portal registration form with email address field highlighted.
Registration form to the IPXO Portal

Once you receive the confirmation email to validate your email address and confirm it, provide your user data: First name, Last name, Country, Phone number and account Password. Afterward, you must log in to your new account and verify your phone number via a phone call or SMS. Please make sure that your phone number is active and valid. 

Fill user data form in the IPXO Portal.
User data registration form

After you verify your phone number, start creating your company by first choosing whether you want to Lease IPs or Monetize IPs.

Getting Started step in the Welcome to IPXO menu.
Getting Started on the IPXO Portal

Once you make your choice, fill in your Company Information. Both IP lessors and lessees must provide this information before they can start using the platform. 

The next steps are different depending on which option you choose – leasing or monetizing. Let’s go through the process for both lessees and lessors separately. 

How to use the IPXO platform if you are an IP lessee

If you did not add a company when you registered your IPXO account, you will see a notification prompting you to add it.  

When you finish your company’s registration, it is important to Fill Compliance to start leasing IPs. Click your profile icon, go to Settings -> Companies, click the menu icon on the right of the company’s name, select Compliance and fill out the form.

Compliance option in the Companies menu.
How to access the Compliance form via the Companies menu

Once your Compliance form is approved, you can start leasing IPs. First, click Marketplace at the top to open the Search for IPv4 addresses menu and browse the available resources. 

Marketplace menu shortcut highlighted in the IPXO Portal.
How to search for IPv4 addresses

You can search IPs by subnet size, RIR (Regional Internet Registry), monthly price and use advanced filters. If you scroll down to Look for offers, you can also find specific deals. 

Look for offers menu in the IPXO Portal.
Marketplace overview in the Look for offers menu

Offers provide information on monthly prices per subnet and IP. You can click on each offer to review which subnets are available and choose the most suitable option. 

Note: If you are looking for very specific subnets and cannot find them, you can submit a Subnet Request Form and join the IPXO Waiting List.  

Subnet Request Form in the IPXO Marketplace.
Subnet Request Form

Whether you search for specific subnets or browse offers, you can find such information as the subnet’s RIR, expiration date, geolocation data and price per month.  

Once you add the preferred subnet to a checkout basket, you can then select the preferred payment method: PayPal, credit or debit card or Credit Balance

If you want to manage all your payment methods, click your profile icon in the top-right corner and then select Billing -> Payments and Payout Methods -> Payment Methods to access your options. Note that you can also browse our Payout and Billing Information guides for additional information.

Payment Methods list in the IPXO Payment & Payout Methods menu.
Payment Methods

Once you lease a subnet, click My Resources (IPAM) -> My Leased IPs at the top to access the list of subnets you have leased. This list provides such vital information as the leased subnet’s expiration date, price and status. 

Shortcut to My Leased IPs menu in the My Resources drop-down menu.
How to access the My Leased IPs menu

Do not forget to assign the leased subnet to an ASN (Autonomous System Number); otherwise, you will not be able to use this subnet. 

If you need a more in-depth look into the IP leasing process, please watch the video below. 

IPXO Tutorial: How to Join and Start Leasing IPs

How to use the platform if you are an IP lessor

If you have IPv4 addresses that you want to monetize, you can add them to the IPXO Marketplace and allow vetted lessees to rent them. Once you add your company to your IPXO account, you can start uploading your subnets to the IPXO Marketplace. 

When you are ready to upload your subnet, click Monetize IPs at the top to access the Add IPs to the Marketplace menu. If you want to submit more than one subnet, use the bulk upload function to add up to 100 subnets at once.  

Shortcut to the Monetize IPs menu.
How to add IPs to the Marketplace

When you upload your subnets, you can set the desired price and expiration date, split larger subnets into smaller ones and set auto-renewal if you plan to monetize your subnet continuously. 

Note: If you need help uploading your RIR-specific subnets to the IPXO Marketplace, please refer to our technical guides: AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC

Once you successfully monetize your IPv4 addresses, you can view them in one place by clicking My Resources (IPAM) -> My Monetized IPs

My Monetized IPs menu shortcut in My Resources drop-down menu.
My Monetized IPs menu

The My Monetized IPs menu provides information related to your monetized subnets. You can browse subnets, check their statuses and prices as well as download Letters of Authorization (LOA). 

Do not forget that to receive earnings for the monetized IP addresses, you need to set up a suitable payout method. You can do this by clicking My Resources (IPAM) -> My Monetized IPs -> Payout Methods

Payout Methods menu in the My Monetized IPs menu.
How to access Payout Methods

You can also do this by clicking on your profile and selecting Billing -> Payment and Payout Methods -> Payout Methods.

Payout Methods menu in the IPXO Portal.
Payout Methods

If you need more information on how to monetize IPs via the IPXO platform, please watch the video below. 

IPXO Tutorial: How to Join and Start Monetizing IPs

IPXO is powered by automation: Set and forget

At IPXO, we contribute to the more sustainable use of valuable internet resources – IPv4 addresses. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind platform helps companies that lack new IP addresses to lease the assets they need to scale their operations. On the flip side, companies that have unused resources can monetize their valuable assets and unlock a new source of recurring income. 

We continuously enhance our platform to ensure quick and smooth IP leasing and monetization. We focus on implementing automation in every step and adding new features to the platform. Our goal is to give you more control over the resources you lease or monetize. 

Registration takes only a few minutes, and you can start leasing or monetizing almost immediately. If any questions arise, our Product Support team is here to help. We want to ensure that you can have a hassle-free lease or monetization experience. Submit a ticket, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

About the author

Edvinas Račkauskas

Business Analyst

Edvinas is a Business Analyst at IPXO. Besides providing his insights into the IPv4 market, Edvinas specializes in internet governance, specifically Regional Internet Registries’ policies and regulations. During his free time, Edvinas enjoys exploring new places and travelling to exotic lands.
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