IPv4 address leasing is still not considered a universally accepted industry standard
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22 March 2023   •   IP Leasing

Opinion: IP Leasing Should Become a Market Standard

Learn why IPv4 leasing should become a market standard, which would bring many benefits in a more competitive environment, leading to additional revenue for all parties involved.

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A magnifying glass, a megaphone and a warning sign.
31 October 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: rDNS Queries Reveal Too Much, CISA Demands Asset Visibility, Splinternet, Desktop Holds IPv6 Back 

Learn how rDNS queries may be linked to privacy issues, what CISA does to ensure asset visibility, how the rift between IPv4 and IPv6 may lead to splinternet, and…

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A laptop with a lock and a key next to it.
29 September 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: RPKI, BGP and Other Internet Security Best Practices

Why is RPKI ROV important? What can be done about BGP vulnerabilities? Is it possible to enhance the security of internet-connected devices? These are the questions addressed in the…

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ISO 27001 certification logo with the words: we are 27001 certified.
12 September 2022   •   News, Product Updates

IPXO Obtains ISO 27001 Certification for Full Compliance With the Best Information Security Practices

IPXO is 100% ISO 27001 certified. Discover what this certification means and how we achieved it.

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A person holding a golden key.
30 August 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: IP Addresses Hold the Key to Business Success 

In the digital era, most businesses would not exist without Internet Protocol addresses. IP addresses, or simply IPs, ensure communication across the global network of…

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A globe representing the internet and letters IPv6 in front of it.
28 July 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: New Efforts to Speed up the IPv6 Adoption Rate

As the IPv6 adoption rate has been climbing painfully slowly, governments around the world are trying to introduce their own efforts and legislations in the hopes of speeding up…

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Internet globe with arrows around it representing sustainability.
22 June 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: Can More IPv4s and IPv6+ Answer the Internet’s Sustainability Woes? 

The topic of internet’s sustainability has been around since before IPv4 addresses – the building blocks of the internet – were officially exhausted in 2011. Can more IPv4 addresses…

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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses around the internet globe.
25 May 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: Are Internet Protocol Versions 4 and 6 Bound To Coexist? 

Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6 have been around since 1981 and 1995, respectively. Discover different perspectives of how these versions are viewed today.

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Five service regions in different colors representing five regional internet registries.
25 April 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: Updates From Regional Internet Registries 

Regional Internet Registries are responsible for the allocation of AS numbers and IP addresses. But there is much more going on. Learn about the latest updates from all five…

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Access to many websites is blocked in Russia amid War in Ukraine.
22 March 2022   •   News

Latest in the News: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Sweeps Across the Internet Community 

The Russia-Ukraine war has permeated the internet. From information battles to DNS weaponization, war is moving online.

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