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27 October 2023   •   IP Leasing, Stories

Top 10 Benefits of Leasing IP Addresses for IP Holders 

Explore the top 10 benefits of leasing IP addresses with IPXO. Maximize income, protect your IP resources, and gain full control.

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Laptop screen with IPv4 in the middle.
2 August 2022   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

IPv4 Packet Header: Format and Structure

When you think about it, the IPv4 packet format is truly fascinating. Learn about the elements at play with this comprehensive guide.

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Two computers exchanging files with FTP sign above them.
12 July 2022   •   Network Engineering, Networking Protocols

File Transfer Protocol Explained

What does FTP stand for? What is the importance of this protocol? How does it work? Read this post to learn all about the File Transfer Protocol.

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TCP/IP model determining how devices connect to the internet.
7 June 2022   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

TCP/IP: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol create what is known a TCP/IP model. Learn how it works and what functions it serves.

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Two shields representing SSL and TLS security protocols.
28 April 2022   •   Networking Protocols

SSL vs. TLS: A Beginner’s Guide to Security Protocols

Discover the differences between SSL and TLS, as well as their working mechanisms.

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SSH client and SSH server with a lock between them.
25 February 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is SSH? A Beginner’s Guide To Secure Shell

Discover how SSH works, what it is typically used for and how it may be vulnerable.

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A router between a laptop and a server form a DHCP connection.
17 February 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is DHCP? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Explained

Learn more about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, how it works and what its key components are. Also, discover the advantages and disadvantages of DHCP.

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Two computers exchanging ARP queries and responses.
18 January 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is Address Resolution Protocol? A Beginner’s Guide to ARP

There are different types of Address Resolution Protocol. This article defines them, explains why ARP is important and how it works, as well as unravels ARP spoofing.

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What is WHOIS?
26 November 2021   •   Networking Protocols

What Is WHOIS and How Does It Work?

Learn about WHOIS and discover the uses and benefits of this query and response protocol.

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IPv4 versus IPv6
17 September 2021   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

IPv4 vs IPv6: A Comprehensive Guide To The Two Internet Protocols

What is the Internet Protocol? What are the differences between IPv4 and IPv6? Continue reading to find answers to these and many other questions.

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What is an ip address
13 September 2021   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

What Is An IP Address? A Comprehensive Guide To Internet Protocol

Learn the ins and outs of the Internet Protocol address.

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