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27 October 2023   •   IP Leasing, Stories

Top 10 Benefits of Leasing IP Addresses for IP Holders 

Explore the top 10 benefits of leasing IP addresses with IPXO. Maximize income, protect your IP resources, and gain full control.

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One laptop tethered to one IP address, and three laptops tethered to another.
13 October 2022   •   Internet Protocol, IPv4 for Business

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP Addresses for Email Marketing

What are the roles of dedicated and shared IPs in email marketing? Which option offers more benefits for businesses? We have the answers for you.

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An open laptop with envelopes around it representing emails.
15 September 2022   •   Internet Protocol, IP Reputation

IP Warming for Email Campaigns: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

What is IP address warming? How does it work? What kinds of challenges can you face when warming IPs? How can you benefit from this practice? We've got all…

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Laptop screen with IPv4 in the middle.
2 August 2022   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

IPv4 Packet Header: Format and Structure

When you think about it, the IPv4 packet format is truly fascinating. Learn about the elements at play with this comprehensive guide.

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IPv5 as a missing puzzle piece.
21 July 2022   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

First Came IPv4, Then IPv6. What Happened to IPv5? 

IPv4 and IPv6 are the only two versions of the Internet Protocol in use. Discover what happened to IPv5 and whether or not the current versions of the Internet…

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TCP/IP model determining how devices connect to the internet.
7 June 2022   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

TCP/IP: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol create what is known a TCP/IP model. Learn how it works and what functions it serves.

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IPv6 adoption in 2022
10 March 2022   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

IPv6 Adoption: Where Are We?

Why haven't we switched to IPv6 yet? What are the main obstacles hindering full-scale IPv6 adoption? Continue reading to learn all about this.

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IPv4 legacy space makes up around 35% in a pie chart.
30 December 2021   •   Internet Protocol, IPv4 Market Overview

IP Legacy Space Explained

It is estimated that around 35% of all IPv4 addresses make up the legacy IP space. What is it and how is it used?

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Man thinking about the issues of IPv6 adoption.
10 December 2021   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

Common Issues Concerning IPv6

The Internet Protocol version 6 was created to replace the exhausted version 4. However, that hasn't happened yet. What are the issues and challenges behind IPv6?

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IP geolocation with a magnifying glass.
8 November 2021   •   Internet Protocol

What Is IP Geolocation? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

IP geolocation can help optimize user experience online. But what is it, and can someone find your physical location using it?

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Internet globe with lines across it to represent IP transit.
4 November 2021   •   Internet Protocol, Network Engineering

What Is IP Transit? A Beginner’s Guide

IP transit is a crucial service, but how does it work? And how does it differ from peering? Continue reading to learn all about this.

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What is IP spoofing
15 October 2021   •   Internet Protocol, IP Security

What Is IP Spoofing, and How To Protect Yourself Against It

Learn more about IP spoofing and how to prevent IP spoofing attacks.

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A person sitting in front of a desktop computer.
7 October 2021   •   Internet Protocol

What Is IPAM? Beginner’s Guide to IP Address Management

What are the benefits and features of IP address management? Why do we use IPAM in network management? Read this article to learn all about this.

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