Latest in the News: IP Addresses Hold the Key to Business Success 

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30 August 2022
Agnė Srėbaliūtė
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In the digital era, most businesses would not exist without Internet Protocol addresses. IP addresses, or simply IPs, ensure communication across the global network of computers and enable businesses to communicate with existing and prospective clients worldwide. Long gone are the days when small businesses were only accessible locally. With the help of IPs, every small business has the chance to grow globally. 

Despite this, many underestimate the power of an IP address. Did you know that dedicated IP addresses can increase email deliverability, IPs with a high reputation can become a secure source of income, and B2B marketers can harness the power of IPs to reach business goals? As IP addresses have become integral for businesses today, it’s no wonder the relation between the two has been highlighted in the latest news.  

The importance of dedicated IP addresses

When business owners invest in growth, they often dismiss the opportunity to invest in dedicated IP addresses. However, it is argued that these IPs can significantly increase online safety.  

Using a dedicated IP, employees can safely access the company’s files and resources. Furthermore, the chances of keeping dedicated IPs off IP blocklists are higher than if you were to use shared IP addresses. When sharing IPs, you have no control over the behavior of others using the same resources. And, as you may know, blocklisted IPs could seriously jeopardize the reputation of any company.  

Even if you were not concerned with privacy, you might appreciate the benefits of faster file transfers and increased email deliverability that dedicated IPs can offer

The value of IPv4 addresses lies in reputation

Finding your company’s IPs on a blocklist can be a nightmare. In many cases, if you are quick to respond to the situation, it is possible to fix the issues that lead to blocklisting. However, in some cases, it is not that easy to clean IP addresses. That can lead to legal actions, ruined reputation and financial losses. 

If you have recently bought IPv4 addresses, you know their value. According to Lee Howard, a single IPv4 address can go for more than $50. In fact, our price history report reveals that the IPv4 price has already come closer to the $60 mark. Of course, IPs with a poor reputation are not valued as highly. 

In any case, whether you have bought IPs or you are interested in selling IPs, the last thing you need is for your assets to gain a bad reputation and lose value.  

More on the topic: The Hidden Value of IPv4 Addresses 

The power of IP addresses in digital marketing

IP addresses can reveal a lot of information about your website’s visitors and paying customers. However, as Kevin Marcus shares with Forbes, B2B marketers often make mistakes when using IP addresses in marketing campaigns.  

Marcus argues that due to the changes in internet accessibility, there are many obstacles that marketers must overcome to harness the real value that IP addresses can bring. What are these obstacles? Here are the three top problem areas: 

  • Multiple internet systems are interconnected via one IP address 
  • Households and neighborhoods appear to come from the same IP address 
  • Marketers ignore device fingerprints that can help segment individual browsing sessions 

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