IPXO Platform Payouts Explained 

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1 June 2022
Edvinas Račkauskas

What are IPXO payouts? How do they work? How to set them up? Here are the answers to all of these essential questions.

PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit Balance as IPXO payout methods.

Are you using the IPXO lease and management platform to monetize your resources? We are grateful that you chose to contribute to the more sustainable use of Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) and unlock a new revenue stream for your business. Perhaps you have already received your first payment or want to know more about IPXO payouts. If that is the case, we’ve got you covered. 

Do you know how to choose a payout method via the IPXO Portal? It takes only a few minutes to set it up. In this article, we briefly explain what IPXO payouts are and how they work. Keep reading to learn more. 

What are IPXO payouts?

In simple terms, a payout is a sum of money paid to someone. In the IP address monetization context, a payout is a payment that IPXO pays to an IP lessor, also known as an IP holder, for the monetized IPv4 addresses. 

The payout does not include a 5% standard platform fee that is deducted monthly from earned revenue. The IP holder can set the subnet price and view the deductible commission fee in the Pricing step when adding subnets for monetization. The deducted fees – docked only if the subnets are monetized on the Marketplace – can be viewed in the Deductions menu: My Resources (IPAM) -> My Monetized IPs -> Deductions.  

When an IP lessee leases a subnet, they pay the full Marketplace price to IPXO. Then, IPXO calculates the payout for the used subnet. To learn more about how payouts are calculated, please refer to the Earnings and Payouts in the IPXO Marketplace guide. 

How do IPXO payouts function?

IPXO calculates the payouts from the beginning of the lease period. IP holders can choose from five payout cycles: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually and Custom

A list of available payout cycles of IPXO payouts.
IPXO Payout cycles

Note: If you use Credit Balance, you can only set up monthly payouts.  

IPXO transfers payouts to IP lessors for the previous calendar month before the 14th of the ongoing month according to the chosen cycle. For example, if you choose to receive bank transfers quarterly, you will receive your payout after three months.  

IP address holders can receive their payouts via PayPal, a bank transfer or as Credit Balance. The minimum payout sum is $100 (USD) for PayPal and $300 for bank transfers. Bank transfers are also subject to a $25 withdrawal fee, including a transaction fee your bank may apply.  

To receive payouts, you must set up your payout method via the IPXO Portal; otherwise, we will not be able to transfer your payout. We advise that you set up your payout method before the 5th of the ongoing month so that our accountants can register your choice and transfer the payout on time. 

How to set up your IPXO payout method

When you log in to the IPXO Portal, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner and select Billing in the drop-down menu. Select Payment and Payout Methods on the left and then go to Payout Methods. Here, you can select the payout method according to your preference. 

Payment & Payout Methods menu in the IPXO Portal.
Payment & Payout Methods menu

You can find more information on payouts in the Payout and Billing Information section within the IPXO Knowledge Base. And if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to submit a ticket to our Product Support team. 

How does IPXO manage payouts?

While the payout method setup takes only a few minutes, IP holders might hesitate to choose the preferred payout method. For example, you might not have a PayPal account, but you might have trouble deciding between bank transfers or Credit Balance. Keep in mind that delayed selection of a payout method could also cause a delayed payout. 

Please be aware that if you do not select the payout method on time, the IPXO Support team will notify you to update your billing information.

IP holders who join the IPXO lease platform may also be subject to payout deductions. This usually occurs when IP holders do not make the necessary changes requested on behalf of IP lessees. For example, WHOIS or RPKI information updates may be necessary to use the leased subnet.  

Without RPKI updates, for example, IP lessees cannot announce IPs and use them in their infrastructure. In turn, they might not pay for the service. As a result, IPXO retains the right to make deductions from payouts to IP holders. 

Before payout deductions are made, we give IP holders 48 hours to respond to update requests. If you do not provide an answer related to important subnet information within this time, we must make deductions for the time you failed to respond. As per IPXO Terms of Service, we calculate the deduction for the time the IP lessee could not use the resource or the time you did not respond. 

Two people shaking hands next to a Terms of Service agreement.
IPXO Terms of Service agreement

You can find more information on Payout Postponement and Possible Reasons for Payout Deductions using our Knowledge Base guide. 

The sooner, the better

You receive payouts when you monetize your IPv4 addresses via the IPXO platform. We strongly advise that you choose how you want to receive your earnings as soon as you register an account at the IPXO Portal. Otherwise, we might not be able to pay you for the assets you put up for lease. 

If you receive requests to update your subnet information, please address them promptly to avoid payout deductions due to a delayed response. Note that timely updates ensure that you receive your total payout on time and that IP lessees can efficiently use the leased assets. 

At IPXO, you can choose the payout method and the payout cycle you prefer. We’ve made sure that you can set up the preferred method and cycle via the IPXO Portal quickly and independently. Of course, if you need advice on choosing the payout method, we are happy to assist you. 

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