6 May 2021 | 2 min read

Earnings and Payouts in the IPXO Marketplace

Learn how to set the payout method to receive earnings for leased subnets in the IPXO Marketplace.

The IPXO Marketplace allows you to bring your IP address ranges (subnets) and lease them to other Marketplace customers for a set price.

IPXO Marketplace price setup list with listed subnet lease prices per month.
Price Setup list for monetized IPs in the IPXO Marketplace

Below, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding earnings and payouts in the IPXO Marketplace. 

Note: Use our step-by-step guide to learn How to Monetize Your IP Subnet in the Marketplace.

When is the payout date?

Your IPXO Marketplace earnings are paid monthly before the 14th of the following month

Payouts are calculated at the end of the month and are transferred using the selected payout method by the 14th of the following month

Note: If you do not set up a payout method, IPXO will not be able to transfer payouts. IPXO’s Support team will contact you with a request to update billing information; however, it is your responsibility to set up the payout method. 

If IPXO is unable to send you the payout, the payout for that month will be added to the next month’s payout; assuming that the billing information is updated and other issues do not occur. 

Search for IPv4 addresses search tool in the IPXO Marketplace Portal.
Search for IPv4 addresses in the IPXO Marketplace

Where do I receive my earnings?

To receive the earnings, you have to make sure to choose the payment method and add your account so that we could transfer the payout successfully.  

You can set this up in Portal -> Profile -> Billing -> Payment & Payout Methods -> Payout Methods

List of Payout Methods in the IPXO Marketplace Billing menu.
Payout Methods options in the IPXO Marketplace Billing menu

If you choose PayPal as your withdrawal method, you will not need to pay a withdrawal fee. The minimum amount you can receive as a payout via PayPal is $100 (USD). 

If you choose a bank transfer as your withdrawal method, you will have to pay a withdrawal fee of $25 + any transaction fees that may be charged by your bank. The minimum amount you can receive as a payout via a bank transfer is $300. It might take 5-7 business days for an international transfer to reach you. 

If you chose the payout to the credit balance, the earnings will be converted into credit free of charge. 

In case of closure of the account, the minimum payout threshold is $50.  

How are payouts calculated? 

The algorithm for calculating payouts is quite simple. We start the calculation of earnings when the subnet, or its part, is leased by the lessee. Immediately, we start tracking the time in seconds.  

At the end of the month, the leased time in seconds is divided by the seconds within that particular month to calculate the lease time in percent. The number is multiplied by the monthly earnings that the holder sets when adding the subnet to the Marketplace. 

For example, we have added the subnet to the IPXO Marketplace and set the pricing as follows: 

  • $120 /month for /23 
  • $65 /month for /24 is leased by the lessee on the 15th of the month that has 31 days, at 8:28:00 UTC. By the end of the month, the subnet has been leased for 1,438,320 seconds. 31 days consist of 2,678,400 seconds. According to our algorithm, the leased time is 53.7%, which means that the payout is: $65 x 0.537= $34.9. 

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