22 July 2021 | 2 min read

Payout Postponement and Possible Reasons for Payout Deductions

Learn when and how payouts are calculated in the IPXO Marketplace. Also, discover the most common reasons for payout deductions.

Payout date

Payouts are calculated at the end of the month and are transferred using the selected payout method by the 14th of the following month

Note: If you do not set up a payout method, IPXO will not be able to transfer payouts. IPXO’s Support team will contact you with a request to update billing information; however, it is your responsibility to set up the payout method. 

If IPXO is unable to send you the payout, the payout for that month will be added to the next month’s payout; assuming that the billing information is updated and other issues do not occur. 

How to postpone payouts

It is possible to postpone payouts by choosing a different Payout cycle

Log in to the IPXO Portal and go to Profile -> Billing -> Payment & Payout Methods -> Payout Methods

Payment & Payout Methods menu in the IPXO Marketplace portal.
Payout Methods in the Payment & Payout Methods menu

Click the preferred payment method, provide the required information and expand the Payout cycle list. 

Three payout methods: PayPal, Bank transfer and Credit balance.
Three different payout options are available

Note: You can choose from five different payout cycles:

  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Semi-Annually 
  • Annually 
  • Custom 

Once you choose the desired payout cycle, click Save.

If you take these steps, you will be able to postpone payouts using cycles according to your preferences. 

Note: If you choose Bank Transfer as your payout method, you will have to pay a withdrawal fee of $25 + transaction fees that your bank might apply. It might take 5-7 business days for an international money transfer to reach you. 

If you choose PayPal as your withdrawal method, you will not need to pay a withdrawal fee. The minimum amount to receive a payout via PayPal is $100 (USD).   

Learn more using our How to Set a Payout Method in IPXO Marketplace guide. 

Reasons for payout deductions 

Late response 

Clients who lease your subnets need them working as soon as possible. If you are late to respond, we might have to make payout deductions. While we wait for a response, subnets do not work, and clients are not paying for the service. Therefore, we are unable to make payouts for the time. 

Inability to make changes 

In some cases, subnet owners are not willing to make changes, including updating WHOIS information, creating router objects, or RPKI. For some clients, this information is critical, and without it, the subnets are useless. In situations like this, to mitigate losses, we have to make payout deductions. 

Announced IPs are added to the Marketplace 

If a subnet is announced before the client orders it, they might be unable to use it. Due to this, we recommend double-checking if the subnet is not announced and if IPs aren’t responding to a ping request before adding them to the Marketplace. 

How we calculate payout deductions 

Before we make deductions, we give IP owners 48 hours to respond. If we don’t receive a response within this time, we have to make deductions for the time the owner hasn’t responded. 

We deduct the time we haven’t received a response from the length of the month to determine for how long the client couldn’t use the subnet. 

In short, deductions are calculated for the time a client could not use IP resources or the time the owner of these resources didn’t respond. 

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