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14 September 2023   •   IPv4 for Business

Opinion: AWS Sets the ROI Benchmark for IP Addresses

Explore the significance of Amazon Web Service's new IPv4 pricing model - a paradigm shift in IP address leasing rates.

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IPv6 adoption in 2022
10 March 2022   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

IPv6 Adoption: Where Are We?

Why haven't we switched to IPv6 yet? What are the main obstacles hindering full-scale IPv6 adoption? Continue reading to learn all about this.

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OSI layers between two computers
4 March 2022   •   Network Engineering

OSI Model In Networking Explained

Uncover the 7 OSI model layers and learn why it is important in networking.

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SSH client and SSH server with a lock between them.
25 February 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is SSH? A Beginner’s Guide To Secure Shell

Discover how SSH works, what it is typically used for and how it may be vulnerable.

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A router between a laptop and a server form a DHCP connection.
17 February 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is DHCP? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Explained

Learn more about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, how it works and what its key components are. Also, discover the advantages and disadvantages of DHCP.

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A laptop surrounded by hosting servers.
8 February 2022   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 for Business

How IPXO Helps Hosting Companies Mitigate IPv4 Exhaustion

IPv4 exhaustion negatively affects the hosting industry. Why do hosting companies need IPv4 addresses? How do they cope with IPv4 exhaustion? What solutions are available? Continue reading to learn…

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DDI is a solution that integrates DHCP, DNS and IPAM services.
1 February 2022   •   Network Engineering

DDI Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

What is DDI and how does it integrate DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions? Find answers to the most important DDI-related questions.

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28 January 2022   •   Network Engineering

VPN vs. Proxy: Key Differences

To compare VPN vs. proxy and choose between the two, it is essential to understand how both services work and what each has to offer.

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2021 wins, 2022 goals
25 January 2022   •   Behind the Scenes

2021: The Year of Challenges, Learning and Big Wins

2021 has proven to be a challenging but incredibly rewarding year at IPXO. The long months of strategizing, designing and planning finally materialized into something…

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One WAN (wide area network) surrounded by four LANs (local area networks)
21 January 2022   •   Network Engineering

WAN vs. LAN: Comparing Wide Area Network to Local Area Network

What is a local area network? What is a wide area network? How do they differ and how are they similar? You can find answers to these questions in…

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Two computers exchanging ARP queries and responses.
18 January 2022   •   Networking Protocols

What Is Address Resolution Protocol? A Beginner’s Guide to ARP

There are different types of Address Resolution Protocol. This article defines them, explains why ARP is important and how it works, as well as unravels ARP spoofing.

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ISPs and content providers connecting to one exchange point.
14 January 2022   •   Network Engineering

What Is Internet Exchange Point? A Beginner’s Guide to IXP

Internet exchange points (IXPs) enable us to connect with each other on the internet. But do you know how they work or what types of connections they facilitate?

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A spam bot sitting in front of a computer with a magnifying glass.
11 January 2022   •   IP Security

What Is a Spam Bot? All You Need To Know

Discover how spam bots work, what the different types of spam bots are, as well as how to protect yourself against them.

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