2022 Q4 Abuse Statistics: Spam Remains the #1 Threat to IP Addresses 

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7 February 2023
Gustavas Davidavičius

Discover how IPXO Marketplace abuse professionals handled IP address abuse during the last quarter of 2022.

Statistics graph with words 2022 Q4 Abuse Statistics in the center.

With the official release of 2022 Q4 abuse statistics, we finally have the completed view of IP address abuse handling at IPXO in 2022. Unsurprisingly, spam remained the top reported type of abuse by the end of the year (October-December). In fact, spam was behind nearly 58% of all abuse cases. This falls in line with data from previous quarters. Spam was linked to 15%, 49% and 66% of all IP address abuse cases in Q1, Q2 and Q3, respectively.  

IP address abuse remains predictable

In the top 10 list of malware (malicious software) associated with IP address abuse, we can see the lineup of usual suspects. Avalanche, PushIran, Bondat, Andromeda, RootSTV, ArrkiiSDK and several others persisted throughout 2022.  

The good news is that IP address abuse is considerably predictable. This makes it easier to handle abuse cases in the Marketplace successfully. In fact, 96% of all cases are handled automatically. On the flip side, only 4% of cases require attention from IPXO’s Abuse Prevention experts. 

To track the most recent information related to IP address abuse on the IPXO Marketplace and access other real-time data, check out IPXO Statistics.

IPXO Statistics Hub

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2022 Q4 IP address abuse infographic

Infographic representing 2022 q4 IP address abuse statistics at IPXO.
IPXO Marketplace IP address abuse statistics 2022 Q4

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About the author

Gustavas Davidavičius

Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist

Gustavas is a Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist at IPXO. He specializes in the abuse desk policies, as well as IP reputation upkeep on the IPXO’s IP leasing and monetization platform.
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