27 May 2022 | 1 min read | Gustavas Davidavičius
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Infographic: IPXO Q1 2022 Abuse Prevention Statistics

Uncover the abuse prevention statistics from Q1 2022 and learn how IPXO handles IP address abuse with this informative infographic.

IPXO Abuse Prevention Statistics.

Preventing and mitigating IP address abuse is a priority at IPXO, the world’s leading IP address lease and management platform. Our professional Abuse Prevention team closely monitors the IPv4 addresses leased via the IPXO Marketplace 24/7. This is how we detect abuse incidents quickly and handle them efficiently. The IP address abuse prevention statistics from Q1 reveal the most common types of abuse reported to IPXO. You can also discover the top 10 malware and the volume of cases handled manually and automatically. Read the infographic below to discover how we handle abuse at IPXO.

Infographic showing IPXO abuse prevention statistics with pie charts.

About the author

Gustavas Davidavičius

Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist

Gustavas is a Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist at IPXO. He specializes in the abuse desk policies, as well as IP reputation upkeep on the IPXO’s IP leasing and monetization platform.