Register for Beta testing

Register for Beta testing of our IPAM and be among the first to experience new features. Our team will reach you out soon after this application.

    What’s next?

    • Registration to Waiting List: Companies interested in beta testing must first register on the waiting list.
    • Verify IPXO Platform Registration: Registrants will get asked to confirm whether they are already registered users of the IPXO platform. If not, they need to complete the platform registration here.
    • Consultant Outreach: IPXO consultants will reach out to waiting list registrants personally. They will inquire about the registrants’ expectations and verify their platform registration status.
    • Introductory Meeting: Registrants will have an introductory meeting with IPXO consultants to familiarize themselves with the platform and its features. IPXO consultants will provide registrants with the necessary information and support to become active participants in the beta testing phase.
    • Beta Access Grant: Following the introductory meeting and platform verification, beta access will be granted to eligible registrants.
    • Feedback Collection: After gaining beta access, further communication will be initiated to collect valuable feedback from beta testers. This feedback will guide the future development of the IPXO solution.