Date: November 27, 2023 Location: Rome, Italy

RIPE 87 

RIPE 87 conference

RIPE Meetings, held biannually within the RIPE NCC Service Region, are highly anticipated gatherings that attract approximately 800 participants from around the world. Internet service providers, network operators, and other stakeholders come together for this event, which spans multiple days and provides a platform for engaging discussions. Participants delve into the policies and procedures employed by the RIPE NCC for allocating Internet number resources, while also actively participating in RIPE Working Group sessions that address technical and policy issues. 

RIPE Meetings foster a diverse and inclusive environment where attendees can freely share their experiences, discuss the latest developments, and exchange best practices. The event offers numerous networking opportunities during breaks and social events, enabling participants to forge meaningful professional connections within the Internet community. 

As an active member of the RIPE NCC community, IPXO is excitedly anticipating the upcoming RIPE 87 event. We look forward to sharing valuable insights on the global trends in the IP leasing market and engaging with fellow industry professionals. We invite you to register below and seize the opportunity to meet us at the conference. Together, let’s connect, collaborate, and drive the advancement of the digital landscape. 

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