IPXO Summer Camp 2022: Celebrating Our Teams & Achievements 

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1 September 2022
Agnė Srėbaliūtė
A photo of a person building an oversized jenga tower.

What a year 2022 has been thus far! IPXO has grown significantly, opened a new office in Vilnius and secured close to 3 million IPv4 addresses on the platform. The IPXO Summer Camp 2022 was the perfect occasion to celebrate these achievements, the 1st birthday of the IPXO Marketplace and the overall success of our growing team. 

The company grew rapidly over the year, and IPXO is now a team of 87 experts. However, since most of us work remotely and in different cities, we do not have many chances to see each other as often as we’d like. Therefore, every occasion that brings us together already feels special.  

With so much to celebrate, we had no time to waste! The summer camp opened with an ice-cream cart to cool us down on a sizzling summer day and an optimism-fueled performance from Baltasis Kiras to get us in the mood for all the festivities ahead. 

A singer with a guitar performing in front of a microphone stand.
Baltasis Kiras performing at the IPXO Summer Camp 2022

“Good vibes, enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge and a strong belief in what we do. These are the main values on which the company is built,” said Vincentas Grinius, our CEO, when greeting everyone. Perfect foreshadowing for what came next. 

How to bond a team by building a tower

The day was very generous with sunshine, making the team-building challenges even more… well, challenging. The mixed teams of eight had to make every drop of sweat count while proving their skills in relay races, orientation games, exciting logical and creative tasks.  

A collage of photos with people enjoying different activities.
Summer Camp 2022 activities

The winner of the day – team Kepalai – showed great tenacity and determination. The team managed to achieve the best results in all activities! From carrying a glass full of water or leading a blindfolded team member through a fake minefield. To solving orientation puzzles. The team excelled in speed and logical thinking.  

According to the leader of the team – Paulius, our VP of Strategic Sales – the main strengths that helped reach the top of the leaderboard included unstoppable drive and youthful enthusiasm. “There’s no need to explain anything – we were simply the best”, laughed Paulius. 
Other team members attributed the win to the crucial doer mindset. Discussing workable solutions on the move allowed saving time and creative thinking helped during the more hands-on tasks.  

IPXO Step Challenge 2022: How far would you go to win?

The event offered the perfect opportunity to award the winners of the annual IPXO step challenge, which was held in July this year. Everyone was invited to compete and show what those boots were made for.  

The goal of the IPXO Step Challenge 2022 was to collectively reach 5 million steps in a month. Why 5 million? This number represents how many IPv4 addresses we are all working hard to add to the IPXO Marketplace by the end of this year.  

The challenge revealed that there are an incredible lot of walking enthusiasts in our company. Our goal was not only reached but also surpassed as the IPXO team walked nearly 8M steps! 7,968,460 to be exact.  

Three people being awarded for leading IPXO step challenge 2022.
IPXO Step Challenge 2022 winners

Meet our inspiring winners

Ieva, our Abuse Prevention Specialist, was the winner of this year’s challenge after taking 702,229 steps, and her determination to win was evident from the very start. Motivated by last year’s competition, Ieva walked around 17 km (about twice the height of Mount Everest) daily along with her hyperactive dog, Echo. 
Ieva is no newbie to hiking challenges: “We already have a bunch of medals for the tracks covered together with Echo.” Without a doubt, Ieva has led us in reaching the goal of 5M steps. She achieved that by taking 10,000 steps before work and repeating that in the evenings.

Nora, our Graphic Designer, took second place by walking 667,798 steps! She traded her favorite activity – cycling – for walking for a month and learned that she had a lot of patience to do it.  

“My days started at 6:00 AM with an 8 km stroll along the river. And I covered the same distance in the evenings. During weekends, I went on longer hikes in the woods, sometimes walking 20 km. This was quite unusual for me as, in general, I trade cycling for walking only in the wintertime”. 

Roberta, our Senior Accountant, came in third with 663,377 steps! According to Roberta, she reached the winners’ podium thanks to motivation to do the best, whatever the challenge. Throughout the month, Roberta developed new habits, such as walking to a shop for minor purchases or mowing the lawn. An activity she used to sneer at before.  

“With immense support from my family and even neighbors, I got in the habit of walking 15 km a day. The distances now, after the challenge, seem not so distant anymore. I hope that new habits will stick with me when fall comes,” shared Roberta. 

IPXO Summer Camp 2022 video

Want to join us at the next summer camp? Browse available positions on our Career page!

Happiness of the team = success of the event

Our Front-end Angular Developer Diana, one of the event’s organizers, believes that the success of an event like this can only be measured by the happiness of its participants.  

“It was an immense pleasure to see how fast everyone bonded during such seemingly simple activities as taste-testing ice-cream, picking the best costume or solving puzzles,” smiled Diana.  

The fun continued into the night with bright laser beams, smoke and music by DJ Donatello. So, did we have a great time? You bet we did! The main goal of the IPXO Summer Camp 2022 was to help teams that work in different cities and/or remotely create stronger bonds. Safe to say, mission complete! 

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