2022 IPXO Highlights: Accomplishments and Milestones 

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14 December 2022
Agnė Srėbaliūtė

Let's take a look back at 2022 and what IPXO accomplished in one short year.

IPXO logo next to the words 2022 wrap-up.

2022 will always be remembered as the year IPXO established itself as the world’s largest fully automated IP lease and monetization platform. It feels like the year has flown by, yet when we take the time to evaluate our accomplishments and the milestones we’ve reached, we couldn’t be prouder. 

One of the year’s most significant accomplishments is that we increased our Internet Protocol resource pool by nearly 2 million IPv4 addresses. Today, we can offer more than 3 million IPs for lease. We also successfully implemented several dozen new and exciting features to ensure we grow with our clients. To declare our stance on security, we also became ISO 27001 certified. 

The IPXO Changelog lists every single change we’ve introduced this year, but here’s our highlight reel from 2022. 

2022: The year of the IPXO Marketplace 

In 2022, we worked hard to improve the Marketplace for both IP holders and IP lessees, as well as our internal teams that rely on effective processes to ensure top-notch services. One of the highlights from the year is that we began supporting IPs allocated by all five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), the newest inclusions being AFRINIC, APNIC and LACNIC

IPXO subnet search engine enables accessing IPs from all regional internet registries.
Find IPv4 addresses from all 5 Regional Internet Registries on the Marketplace

We also made it possible to get custom nameservers for ARIN and RIPE NCC subnets and edit the nameservers for a particular zone. With custom nameservers, a domain can use IPXO DNS without using the hostnames of IPXO-assigned nameservers. This benefits any business as it builds trust and makes its brand more recognizable. 

For the benefit of our customers, we have also significantly improved the IPXO Marketplace platform capabilities. Here are some of the most important features we introduced in 2022. 

Key features 

  • rDNS Delegation automation: This feature alleviates the management of Pointer Records (PTR) and provides lessees with more control over the leased IP resources without the need for manual management or help from our teams 
  • My Waiting List: This feature enables IP lessees to request subnets that do yet exist on the Marketplace and informs our Sales team to supply the demand 
  • RPKI Management: In 2022, IP holders started delegating RPKI to IPXO using self-service access
  • ROA automation: Newly improved onboarding flow ensures better RPKI status observability in RPKI Management flows and enables creating/deleting RPKI on demand or via tickets  
  • Border Gateway Protocol parking: With BGP, we can offer a higher level of security against subnet hijacking and ensure that subnets added to the IPXO Marketplace are announced from the IPXO’s ASN (AS834), which means more trust and more safety for the client  
  • Post-lease scans: In 2022, we’ve made operational upgrades and automated post-lease subnet scans to improve the security profile of our services 
  • Commitments: This new feature enables IP holders to offer subnets for long-term lease and empowers IP lessees to negotiate the desired lease terms  

Undeniably, the longevity of the Marketplace relies on stable subnet lease agreements. Therefore, starting November 2022, we have empowered our clients to sign long-term contracts that ensure IP lessees can continue using operation-critical IPs without abrupt changes or unexpected service cancellations. Consequently, the subnet expiration date was removed for existing subnets, which means IP holders no longer need to set the expiration date when adding new subnets to the Marketplace. 

To learn more about what has changed, please refer to our updated Terms of Service

Abuse observability 

In 2022, we focused our efforts on IP address abuse mitigation. Our Abuse Prevention team strives to ensure high IP abuse observability within the Marketplace and improve the quality of our services. Even though around 99% of all IP abuse cases are already resolved automatically, we continue to innovate and learn to further improve abuse incident handling automation. 

A pie chart representing manual and automated IP abuse handling at IPXO.
IPXO Abuse Prevention mechanisms can handle 99% of all abuse incidents automatically

For cases that we must approach manually due to complexity (irregular/untemplated reports, law enforcement subpoenas, escalated automated case sequences), we introduced an abuse incident handling fee. A fee of $20 per incident is applied if the client is responsible for more than two incidents per month. The handling fee serves as an incentive for clients to participate in effective communication so that we could tackle abuse and enhance the reputation of the Marketplace overall. 

IP resources, transparency & security 

In July, we completed IP address migration from the Heficed IP Address Market, the predecessor of today’s Marketplace. The process lasted months, but we learned many valuable lessons along the way. Today, we can proudly offer more than 3 million IPs, and the more resources we have, the more businesses can scale their networks. In 2023, we will continue expanding the platform and adding millions more IPv4 addresses to assist even more clients. 

We are eager to develop trust, reputation and credibility among our growing customer base, which is why we aim to make information transparent and accessible for all. The IPXO Statistics hub we introduced in 2022 provides a looking glass into the IP lease market and a transparent view of the IPXO platform overall. Our statistics page shows real-time data on the Marketplace size, IP lease prices and even abuse incidents. 

Full transparency, credibility and accountability are important pillars at IPXO, and in 2022, we set on a journey of ISO 27001 certification. In September, our efforts paid off as we became 100% ISO 27001 certified, which demonstrates our proactive approach toward information security.  

ISO 27001 certification logo with the words: we are 27001 certified.
IPXO was 100% ISO 27001 certified in 2022

Security matters can transcend the boundaries of the online community as well. When the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in late February of 2022, we did not need to think twice about removing Russia and Belarus, its ally, from our registration form. This means that companies from these countries – along with a dozen others in the OFAC list – cannot monetize or lease IP addresses via IPXO. This is our way of standing against terrorism and protecting our clients. 

2022: The year of learning and sharing knowledge 

IPXO is an active member of the internet community. We are always excited to attend meetings, during which internet service providers (ISPs), network operators, policy creators and other key industry players discuss and share insights and innovative ideas.  

Here are some of the most memorable events we participated in throughout the year: 

We are also active in adding value to the industry by sharing our know-how. In 2022, we hosted three unforgettable webinars with guest speakers from RIPE NCC, ARIN, Juniper Networks, Cujo AI, Path Network, 6connect Labs, Hilco Streambank, Deft and TELUS:  

Because we believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, our webinars are always free and are easily accessible via our YouTube channel

We are excited that our expertise is acknowledged and shared by the foundation of the industry – organizations that allocate internet addresses. In 2022, we shared our insights about IP address abuse mitigation with the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) and the Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC). 

IPXO experts also shared their knowledge about how to procure IP addresses, how to unify the IP governance landscape, how IP exhaustion may affect smaller ISPs and how dormant IP assets could help mitigate network outages. In 2023, we will continue sharing our know-how, but that is not the only thing in the plans.  

2023: IP abuse observability improvements, IPv6 roadmap, transition to a comprehensive IP platform 

We now have more than 3 million IPs ready for lease on the Marketplace, and in 2022, we’ve established ourselves as the largest fully automated IP lease and monetization platform. Without a doubt, with big power comes big responsibility, and with growth comes the need to continue improving and expanding our services too. 

In 2023, we will continue focusing on IP abuse observability and automation – something that has been a focal point at IPXO from day one. Improving the abuse observability operational model is our top priority so that we could continue offering services that benefit our customers. 

A big team working together on planning improvements and changes for 2023.
IPXO teams work together to further improve services in 2023

We are also gearing towards improving the Marketplace customer portal usability and payment flows to continue providing the best experience for our clients. In 2022, we laid the foundation for UX/UI improvements, and we are now ready for the next steps. 

As IPXO is expanding, we are moving towards building a comprehensive IP platform that goes beyond IP lease. For example, in 2023, we plan to focus on IPv6 research and development and building a roadmap for IPv6 services, including IPv6 geolocation and IPv6 abuse management. 

Most importantly, we are ready to continue improving and becoming better. Our strive to be the best at what we do ensures that we can not only offer top-quality services for end-users but also innovate and introduce solutions that can help take our clients’ businesses to the next level. 

We cannot be more ready for the next chapter, and we have exciting things coming your way. If you do not want to miss an update, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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