The IPv4 Lease Market that Drives Internet Sustainability

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25 July 2021
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Finally, IPXO is just around the corner. We have been talking about it a lot, but this time we are revealing more information about our plans in making the Internet more sustainable by being transparent.

First things first, IPXO is set to be launched at the beginning of August, when the existing Heficed IP Address Market will migrate to IPXO. We named the first version of the IPXO platform v1.0 Aquamarine.

The Aquamarine gemstone combines the names of water and sea, one of the most potent powers of nature. Water’s significant powers and necessity also represent our aim to make a substantial and positive impact on the global internet infrastructure.

Sustainability and transparency are a part of our company’s DNA and our mission is to make the internet protocol an accountable resource. The fact of the matter is that IPv4 resources are limited, and many companies can’t keep up with rising IPv4 address prices, thus they are unable to scale.

Another widespread issue is IP abuse prevention, and with poor abuse management, IP leasing became untrustworthy in the eyes of many enterprises – that has to change. That is a part of our big plan.

The platform will combine four major aspects that IPXO is delivering. The IP ecosystem will bring new opportunities for growing businesses to scale up.

At the same time, automation stack and abuse prevention will allow IP holders to monetize their unused IPv4 addresses fast, easy, and securely. Moreover, the global RIR unification will help to have full control for global IPv4 resources under one platform that would also help understand the utilization of the IPv4 addresses and ease management efforts.

IPXO platform stack
IPXO platform stack

What to Expect within the Aquamarine Release?

The Aquamarine version will bring identical functionality for the lessees as it is now in the Heficed IP Address Market. However, we have entirely reworked the way how IPv4 addresses get added to the marketplace.

Moreover, we have completely re-designed the UI, look to the future for more advanced features, additional services, and an entirely new way of managing IP resources.

Feature Sneak Peak

Migration Process

Even though the IPXO platform will migrate from Heficed, that does not mean that leasing IPv4 addresses will not be available on Heficed. The leasing capabilities will remain available within the infrastructure of Heficed.

However, it will not be available for IP holders to add new IP addresses to the Heficed IP Address Market.

Any existing available IPv4 addresses will be moved out of Heficed with the Aquamarine release. Later on (in October), we will migrate the rest of the subnets, that are not attached to Heficed infrastructure.

Worth mentioning is that we will keep the communication active with all existing Heficed IP holders and lessees to make the migration as smooth as possible.

Any customer of Heficed that has a mix of infrastructure and IPv4, will remain on Heficed, and any IPv4 addresses on 3rd party networks will migrate to the IPXO platform.

Once the IPs migrate to the IPXO platform, any tenants (both IP holder and lessee) will have to register with the same email used for Heficed and go over the registration process. Upon successful registration, monetized or leased subnets will already appear on IPXO.

After completing the entire migration process, we will introduce Heficed as one of the IPXO platform ecosystem resellers and enable other companies to integrate the IPXO platform on their internal systems over the API. You can read more about the migration process in our IPXO and Heficed transition FAQ.

Next Releases

Currently, we are scoping the following versions that will release by the beginning of September and October. The next release after Aquamarine is scheduled for bug fixing and migration processes, named Japer release.

We will introduce a long-overdue feature that is RPKI management. It is a massive improvement for all communities globally that will enable to “add & forget” IPv4 subnets for IP holders since all ROA object management will be done automatically by IPXO intelligent daemons and automation stack.

All that will be available for the Magnesite release, which is scheduled for the end of September, beginning of October.

We already have the following three versions locked in, but we do not want to reveal all the details yet, to leave some room for additional surprises. The aim is to work on RIR unification standards to ensure that IP holders have the best wide view for the allocation and management of IPv4 resources.

Calling All Beta Testers

If you want to participate in the IPXO platform beta testing, please drop us a line at [email protected] about what company you represent and some information about yourself and your professional experience, including your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). The main purpose of the beta is to catch bugs we may have missed before the launch.

Calling All Beta Testers

Once you are approved for beta testing, the IPXO team will send detailed information about the whole beta testing process. Also, once the beta testing is over, we will send IPXO merchandise to your address. You also have a chance to win a MONTBLANC StarWalker ballpoint pen for most reported bugs.

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Vincentas is a business-driven geek with over 15+ years of network, infrastructure and internet policy experience. As a CEO at IPXO, the Internet Protocol platform, Vincentas focuses on helping address complex network management issues and the global IPv4 shortage.
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