IPXO’s Transformation: From the IPv4 Shortage Problems to Network Resources Management

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6 October 2023
Vaidotas Januška

Explore IPXO's transformative journey from IP Marketplace to Next-Gen IPAM. Discover how our innovative solutions are shaping the future of IP resource management and promoting a secure, interconnected digital world.

IPXO has experienced a transformation from IP Marketplace to the Next-Gen IP Address Management Platform

In the dynamic landscape of the past two years, IPXO has undergone a remarkable transformation. What began as a pioneering mission to establish a comprehensive platform focused on IP addresses, has evolved into a journey marked by continuous change and evolution.

During the initial stages, our primary focus was centered on the monetization and leasing of IPv4 resources. However, as the industry landscape continued to evolve, we recognized the imperative need to pivot toward IPv4 and IPv6 address management tools with broader applicability, giving birth to our forthcoming Next-Generation IP Address Management (IPAM) Platform. 

Throughout this transformation, our unwavering goal has remained the same: to provide effortless access to IP resources, particularly for enterprises seeking to scale. As a result, our company has undergone substantial transformations to seamlessly align with these evolving priorities. 

Key Takeaways

  • IPXO has evolved from an IPv4 address leasing marketplace into a comprehensive Next-Generation IP Address Management (IPAM) platform. It addresses industry challenges, including IPv4 scarcity, IPv6 adoption, and efficient IP address resource management. 
  • The Discovery phase, launched in September 2023, centralizes resource management, helping organizations uncover and optimize unused IP resources. This innovation may also create new revenue opportunities through IP address monetization. 
  • IPXO’s Next-Gen IPAM introduces innovative features like application programming interface (API) integrations, geolocation monitoring, IP address reputation scanning, and automation tools. These features offer complete visibility and control over IP addresses. 
  • The IPXO API’s first-driven approach unlocks integration and automation possibilities, serving as a powerful tool for network architects and engineers to maintain network-related data consistency.
  • IPXO IPAM differentiates from the traditional DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) industry model. It allows users to view and manage resources that define organizations’ perspective Internet-wise, in contrast to DDI solutions that primarily focus on the network infrastructure internally.
  • IPXO’s revised mission and vision are centered on delivering flexible and secure IP solutions to empower global businesses. This contributes to creating an open, secure, interconnected digital world while emphasizing transparency and trust through an enhanced, user-friendly platform. 

Addressing the challenges 

Our core focus has long revolved around tackling the allocation challenges associated with Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), a resource that became scarce over a decade ago. Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) allocate these IPv4 addresses, and many have already assigned their remaining stocks to businesses, government entities, or academic institutions.  

This allocation process created a scarcity issue, particularly for companies not yet ready or able to transition to the newer IPv6 protocol. In response to the enduring scarcity of IPv4 addresses and the gradual adoption of IPv6, IPXO has introduced an innovative approach to IP address sharing.  

This approach is designed to alleviate industry challenges that have long persisted, including: : 

  • Geolocation mismatch 
  • IPv4 scarcity 
  • IPv6 adoption 
  • LIR management 
  • Management hurdles 
  • IP defragmentation issues 
  • ROA validation 
  • Routing automation 

However, recognizing that the Marketplace, while vital, could not single-handedly address all these challenges, we broadened our offerings by introducing IP management as a service. 

Unlocking the power of the Discovery phase

Efficient resource management is crucial for organizations of all sizes. In September 2023, IPXO introduced an unprecedented feature that enables users to centralize resource management, streamlining allocation and utilization within a single organization across multiple LIR accounts, and, initially, focusing on ARIN and RIPE NCC, with plans to include other RIRs in the near future. Moreover, it’s worth noting that to this day, a significant 30% of all IPv4 resources remain unused

Nearly 1.4 IPv4 resources remain unused to this day, which makes up to 30% of the whole IPv4 pool.

In our commitment to efficient IP resource management, we’ve developed a suite of tools designed to uncover an enterprise’s hidden or forgotten assets. These tools enable users to identify all IP addresses associated with a specific organization, using parameters such as AS number, subnet, ORG, RIPE maintainer, or ARIN TechPOC.

The Discovery phase is dedicated to locating and validating the resources, setting in motion background data enrichment processes that cover areas like RIR allocation, geolocation, routing information, DNS, RPKI, and detected announcements. 

The Discovery phase is currently in the Beta phase and will become accessible to all users after three months. It lays the foundation for the Analyze phase, which scrutinizes discovered data to identify potential discrepancies across various data domains, including BGP, IRRs, and ROAs

Subsequently, we progress to the Manage phase, granting users the capability to rectify identified data discrepancies and perform routine updates across multiple domains.

IPXO journey towards IPAM platform has already started with a Discovery phase, which will be followed by Analysis and Management.

Our platform not only assists in identifying and cataloging all IP assets but also offers recommendations on how to optimize their utilization. By doing so, users can maximize the value of their IP resources, reduce unnecessary expenses, and align their IP subnets and allocation strategy with their business objectives. For those looking to decide whether to retain, sell, or lease these resources, IPXO calculator can provide valuable insights. 

As part of our commitment, we aim to ensure that your resources adhere to MANRS rules and regulations, contributing to a more secure and resilient Internet infrastructure. 

Ready to embrace the future?

Diverse solutions for shared obstacles 

To better understand our clients’ pain points and needs, we conducted comprehensive interviews with both IP holders and lessees. Surprisingly, none of our interviewed clients had a well-established IPAM solution in place.  

Instead, most relied on do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to manage IPs, with only a few engaging in consistent resource monitoring. Some even resorted to periodic manual scripts and database checks. 

This revealed a significant gap in the IP services sector, where no middle-ground players seamlessly integrated all IP-related service aspects without delving into network management services. As a result, we are committed to ushering in a new era of IP address management. 

The long-term aim of IPXO is to bridge the gap and offer comprehensive solutions to the diverse IP needs of our clients. 

Moving forward, this includes the introduction of a user-friendly self-service portal featuring IP Geolocation management, Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and Route Origin Authorization (ROA) management, Routing Arbiter Database (RADb) integration, IP Reputation monitoring, Abuse Observability, and continuous Customer Support

Our long-term aim is to bridge the gap and offer comprehensive solutions to the diverse IP needs of our clients. 

What will be the essence of Next-Gen IPAM?

IPXO’s next-generation IPAM solution will introduce a host of innovative features designed to enhance IP address management and promote IP health: 

  • Routing and ROA Compliance Monitoring: Verify routing information against RIR registrations to identify unauthorized route announcements 
  • IP Reputation Monitoring: Continuously update and maintain reputation scores after cleanup 
  • External Database Orchestration: Automatically sync data from various databases (geolocation, reputation, routing, etc.) to ensure real-time accuracy 
  • Enhanced Geolocation Monitoring: Track IP location data across over 15 geolocation databases for comprehensive insights 
  • Automation Tools: Streamline network changes with scripts, resource management, and project planning features 
  • API Integrations: Seamlessly connect with third-party tools and network management solutions to provide unified IP data management. Our API can be integrated with both legacy systems and new solutions planned for deployment. As an API-first company, our approach is to expose everything through our API before presenting it in the portal

Therefore, our Next-Gen platform eventually will deliver advanced integration, monitoring, automation, and management capabilities that provide complete visibility and control over all aspects of IP addresses. 

Charting a bold new course: IPXO’s vision and mission 

This innovative approach reflects the core of IPXO’s journey of transformation, anchored in a bold shift in our vision and mission.


Our mission once centered on addressing the global IPv4 shortage, envisioning a sustainable internet. We aimed to simplify IP resource monetization and leasing, fostering growth opportunities for businesses worldwide. Our vision was ambitious, aiming to create an open, secure internet accessible to all through innovation and growth. 


Today, our mission takes on new dimensions. We’ve become a trusted partner delivering flexible IP solutions efficiently and securely. We integrate cutting-edge innovation with dedication to empower global businesses for exceptional growth. Our vision now crystallizes into a single platform, embracing the dynamic digital landscape and providing unmatched solutions for diverse IP needs. 

IPXO has changed its vision and mission with a focus on IP address management.

In essence, our revised mission and vision drive our transformation, shaping every action as we evolve and contribute to an open, secure, interconnected digital world. These ideals are our guiding principles. 

Reflection of change in IPXO’s revamped website

As a reflection of these principles, we’re excited to introduce our revamped website, designed with the client in mind. Our commitment to growth, innovation, and adaptability extends to our digital presence. Here’s why the renewed website is all about you, our client: 

Enhanced user experience

We’ve introduced new features and refreshed the design to make the client’s experience smoother. Finding information, navigating our services, and engaging with us should be easy and enjoyable. We believe that a user-friendly website leads to better interactions. 

Curious about discovering new features?

Transparency and trust

Our updated website is all about transparency, where a user can find the latest information on our offerings, policies, metrics, and industry insights. We value a client’s trust, and we want them to know that we’re open and credible in today’s competitive business landscape. 

Better customer engagement

Furthermore, website isn’t just a digital storefront; it’s a platform for us to engage both with IP lessors and lessees effectively. We’re here to listen, provide support, and gather your feedback. This means stronger relationships and more personalized interactions. 

A visual comparison of an old and new IPXO home pages, the latter one being more minimal, fresh, and appealing.

Our revamped website at IPXO is designed to provide you with easy access to the information and services you need. We’re excited to have you explore it! 


In the ever-evolving global landscape of IP address management, IPXO stands out as a pioneering platform, providing sophisticated capabilities to over 75 industries worldwide. We’ve successfully distributed IP addresses to approximately 900 ASNs and currently manage a pool of over 3.3 million IPs, with plans for further expansion.

From data centers and telcos to public cloud providers, we serve a diverse spectrum of businesses and organizations on a global scale. Our mission is clear: to empower end-users worldwide with the features they need to rapidly and sustainably scale their infrastructure, ensuring equitable access to the IP resources for all. 

Our commitment to creating a sustainable and transparent ecosystem isn’t just a vision – it’s a global reality. This reality benefits thousands of businesses and billions of users, enabling seamless online connectivity. It also empowers current IPv4 address holders to maximize the value of their resources, wherever they are in the world. 

As we reflect on two remarkable years, our focus remains firmly on the global horizon. More achievements and breakthroughs await as we continue to confront real-world IP challenges with expertise and dedication, and the Discovery phase is just the beginning. Together, we will build, innovate, and lead the way, securing a connected and prosperous digital future for all.

Ready to delve into the future of IP address management? Explore our new website and discover how IPXO can transform your approach to IP resources.

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Chief Technology Officer

As a Chief Technology Officer at IPXO, Vaidotas is responsible for platform management and product development with engineering culture at heart. His greatest interests lie in cloud-native applications, technology trends, change management and organizational culture, coaching and mentoring. Vaidotas’ free time is occupied by sci-fi movies, nature and crafting things.
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