IPv4 lease guide for IP lessees.
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20 February 2023   •   IP Leasing

The Ultimate Guide to IPv4 Lease for IP Lessees

IPv4 lease enables companies to scale networks without purchasing expensive IPs and spending additional resources on IP management and IP reputation monitoring. Discover how to lease IPs with ease…

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What is an ip address
13 September 2021   •   Internet Protocol, Networking Protocols

What Is An IP Address? A Comprehensive Guide To Internet Protocol

Learn the ins and outs of the Internet Protocol address.

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IPv6 adoption
10 September 2021   •   Internet Evolution, Internet Protocol

Detailed IPv6 Adoption Review

The past, the present and the future of IPv6.

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Black mail interface with the word SPAM. The concept of fighting.
25 July 2021   •   IPv4 Market Overview

The IPv4 Lease Market that Drives Internet Sustainability

Finally, IPXO is just around the corner. We have been talking about it a lot, but this time we are revealing more information about our…

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A contemplative human figure with VR goggles.
1 March 2021   •   Internet Evolution

Internet Development History Explained

Learn about how the internet was developed and where it's headed next.

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Computer with warning signs around it representing abuse monitoring alerts.
14 December 2020   •   IP Reputation, IP Security, Original Insights

Abuse Desk Policies and IP Reputation Management

During our recent webinar, our industry experts discussed the main questions that businesses often face when it comes to abuse. If you missed out on it, we’re here to…

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Building a startup and generating ideas
30 November 2020   •   Behind the Scenes

IPXO. How It All Started

IPXO provides transparency and security at every step, and its automated features will make monetizing and leasing IP addresses a breeze.

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A person looking at a scale deciding whether to lease or buy IPv4.
13 November 2020   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 Market Overview

Leasing vs. Buying IP Addresses

As IPv4 prices are skyrocketing, and fewer resources are available, more and more companies face the question of whether they should buy IPv4 or lease IPv4 instead.

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A globe with glowing columns extending from it.
6 November 2020   •   IPv4 Market Overview

What Is IPv4 Address Exhaustion and How Can We Alleviate It?

Unused IPv4 addresses have been handed out a decade ago, but companies across the globe continue to rely on them. Learn how to grow your business despite IPv4 address…

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